Tuesday, November 3, 2009

1.1 - Online Privacy and Security

Liked the 2-minute vodpod.com video about personal security within social networking sites . It makes plain sense. Our public library customers, especially those new to the web, need to know these things.

I've downloaded Keepass and tried it... I now need more time to appreciate its features but it looks like a relatively simple piece of software, designed to keep my passwords stored securely on my computer, away from the prying eyes of online filtration sites. Thanks for this.

Interestingly, I saw a comment on a Facebook page that was questioning social networkers who upload a photo from a camera found while holidaying in Greece or Hawaii or the like. The networker writes a friendly "Hey I found this camera, would love to give it back to its owner, here's the last photo, let me know who this is and I'll get in touch with them to return their camera, thanks!" type message. But, there's the question about the validity of the 'finder'. Who can tell if this is someone preying on somebody else, or the person in the photo is actually wanting to remain hidden from this particular networker. It's scary, but it happens, and in a way giving your personal information across any website is just like this photograph. Who knows for what purposes they will use it. Best advice: be careful, be candid, be wise.

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