Monday, September 29, 2008

# 16. Zoho Square
Another impressive Web2.0 resource. Like a gigantic server in the cosmos that will store my vital documents and let me move around the planet without toting my (sometimes unreliable) usb memory stick and lets me save in either windows or mac format. I can see the definite benefits and have already added a powerpoint that I'm working on at home... now I can do it wherever I am, with the added bonus of my new laptop purchase!

# 15. Rolling, rolling, rolling...
Like a raging bull I rushed into doing my own searchroll and found I couldn't fuddle my way through it, got confused about the purpose of a searchroll and didn't see why we were doing it...
THEN, played around with my own roll once I added it to my blog, and OMG - WOW!!! So THAT'S WHY?!!!! It's highly cool, and totally useful. Multi-searching of just the sites you want, all with one search button. Wow, I'm impressed.

14. Library thang

"Library thang, you make my heart swing,
You make everythang...g-r-o-o-o-o-v-y,
Library thang, I think I love ya!"

If you haven't been, go.
If you haven't done, do.
A global library, supported and supplied by readers around the world.
Miss Diggy's LibraryThing catalogue.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

# 13. Image fun...

I love image generators! So THATS how all those lolcats are created!! This was a blast. Create anything you want. For free. Bonus. Flickr, once again, has an enormous array of awesome resources to create some fun - or serious - text and image graphics. Loved it. Try this - Gotta love it. I googled "image generators" and found pages and pages and P A G E S of them, bighugelabs won out simply because it was so simple!

# 12: Kicked out of the Sandbox

Aaaaaargh!!!!!!! Technology hates me!!!!!!!!!!
I can get into the Sandbox and click on the Edit Toolbox. I can open it up and I can add content. BUT, as soon as I start typing, the EditToolbox DISAPPEARS and I then can't Save or Change or Do ANYTHING except shut down the window and LOSE all my STUFF!
Aaaaaaaaaargh, I triiiieedd, honestly I did!!!!!

It looks like fun, if only I could use it... sigh...

# 11: Wikis

Hey, what about this... a library wiki space opened to kids and teens that encourages a communal reading space, great books and authors to read, keywords that link to other books and characters. Encourage schools/education facilities to use the library wiki to find out what to read to their classes, and to find out what kids are reading and raving about. And of course, what works for kids hopefully works for adults too. Give the power of the word to the people, encourage the community to be a part of their library, learning and growing and celebrating our collective knowledge! Wow, I think I like the idea of Wikis, don't you?!

# 10: Library 2.0

...reads like the libraries of our immediate future, they're happening now, and I'm liking the definite wave! Chip Nilges talks about open source sharing (collective user intelligence) and raves about social "tagging, list creation and sharing, citation management, personal cataloging" on the library world cat. Hmm, interesting! And Wendy Schultz... omg I can't wait for Library 4.0, I'll meet you there, at that retreat from the techno hustle with the comfortable chairs and light coffee and malt, you know the place - the library!