Saturday, November 21, 2009

2.1 Twittering

This is what I learnt from my first introduction to Twitter:

* One tweet = 140 words

* The language of Twitter is confusing; just what does this tweet by FeliciaSlattery mean... "@RichHopkins thx for #ff! Looking forward to introducing you to my folks in December! You're an awesome #Speaker". Sigh.

* NASA's twitter is interesting, frequent, and out-of-this-world.

* "RT" means re-tweet, something you do when you're repeat-tweeting another tweeter's tweet.

* Weird news makes intriguing tweets!
* But sadly, read about this horrific way of living in cages for the homeless in Hong Kong.

* I don't like the randomness of personal twitters - and think it's another time waster (I have confirmation from an actual Twitterer that yes, it IS a time waster, but a fun one). Having said that, I did find some interesting pics, vids, words, and had a couple "oh-that's-really-interesting" moments (like, is this really a traffic light in some European country??!!!)

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