Saturday, November 21, 2009

2.2 Searching Twitter

I compared Twitter's own search engine with Twazzup - a third-party Twitter search engine, and went searching for tweets on Antarctica.

The difference between the two searches was vast.

Twitter's search engine was simple, reminding me of Google - "here's a list of Tweets with the word Antarctica in them. Here, too, is a random list of hot topics and searches totally unrelated to what you were looking for but we're tempting you with them anyway..."

Twazzup, on the other hand was much more. I could also view related images and the tweets that accompany them; popular Antarctica links and the tweets that accompany them; I could RT (re-tweet), reply, mouseover any link and then link directly to another tweet or link within THAT link... Sounds tricky. It wasn't. I liked it. I liked it very much.

And I found a tweet that linked to this YouTube video of a leopard seal killing penguins (unfortunate yes, but nature does what nature does) in an incredible display of nurturing survival. Awesome, I wish I was there.


SoAndSo said...

Seeing that tree reminds me of this .. Well, im sure it was relevant at the time.

Missy said...

Haha.. what the..?! Who'd do that? And why?

SoAndSo said...

well, i am SO the forgettable one.

i admit tho, its hard to read thru coconuts.

still, who reads anymore?