Saturday, August 30, 2008


as a consequence of having to look at Technorati I did find a quiet little gem of a library blog - For librarians who like a little fun.

Friday, August 29, 2008

# 9: Technorati ignorance

Once I maneouvered my way into Technorati's mish-mash of things to do and try (I do have to say this website is not for the simpleton... does that rule me out?!) I finally found the blogs/posts/directory... and got lost, found, lost again, then got deleted, canceled, and confused. I found Technorati still beyond the casual 15 minutes of browse time I had allowed. Yes, the technology is incredible, the blogs, posts, ideas interesting(mostly), some comments helpful, and some ridiculous. I can see how Tags and Posts and Directories work for those using this... but WHO is using this? And WHAT FOR?? I found a blogger who blogged about blogging for money... is that WHY? Is it Fame? Why tag others' tags, and blogs? SoandSo, can you tell me?!?! I did find a blog that led me to - a new web 2.0 tool for monitoring "twitters" of online conversations - effectively an online eavesdropping service to calm the pervert in us all. I feel a little on the side of Biblio Chick with this one, it's probably sheer ignorance of the unknown. But I still need help in understanding. Please someone, put it into easy context for me...?!

# 8 -!!!!

Tags. Fun. Rewarding. Inspirational. Informational. Helpful. Insightful. Social. Bookmarking. Interesting. Sharing. Popular. Blog.

Can see how using will be very tasty. It's a yummy concoction of scrumptious words and tag clouds from helpful significant others who are on the same social wavelength as me. And extremely helpful for forgetful surfers like me who have so many bookmarked favourites and no organisational skills. Yay for delicious inventions like these.

Oh, haha, through the wonderful joys of tag search (oh, by the way, LOVE the Tag Clouds) I found an infinite number of LOLCATS at...!

# 7.2 - RSS searching

I can see I need a million hours to really enjoy what RSS search tools can offer! I've just spent half an hour getting aimlessly lost in the feedback and blogging world of and From even what I would consider my computer-savvy point of view was still way too confusing. The competition is won today by

Here's a news story worth giggling at... "School bans cartwheels." Even more amusing are the responses...

#7.1: RSS feeds

Well, first... I see possibilities galore for our own library website, there are plenty of public libraries out there already using this technology to their great advantage, just take a look at good old Christchurch Public - always a forerunner of everything new: And I hope we also implement to boost our community library service - perhaps RSS feeds for new books lists, library blogs, patron blogs, great reads etc.

Personally, however, I think that RSS feeding is the online equivalent of opportunistic trawling. Sorry, but you DID ask. :)

Saturday, August 2, 2008

# 6: Technology is...

...taking us by storm, moving us from the cave and into the light of Jupiter's moons. I was given an Olympus camera - waterproof, smashproof, drop-proof, dustproof, everything-proof - for my birthday and am still discovering the unique qualities that this little marvel has in store for me. I can't wait to dive to the depths of 30 feet and take a photo of a stingray resting on the sandy sea bottom.

Technology is... high-definition television. If you haven't yet, go and find a friend who has one and watch the 30-min rolling demo. I-n-c-r-e-d-i-b-l-e. About the time I can afford one should be about the time HD movies start making it into the mainstream.

Here's a question: Does Technology always advance humankind???

# 5: The Pensive Princess

My creation
Originally uploaded by missdiggy

Wow, again. I made a Trading Card from! Very cute and easy. I bet the Pensive Princess never thought she'd be immortalised forever in a trading card... :)

Another site - - displays gorgeous Flickr photos in various colours but like even KrazyDad says, there's no purpose in his creations - you can't DO anything with them - they're just for fun. And finally Flickr Montager - - yeah, it's ok, but doesn't get the winning pavlova from me, too mindless.

The Trading Card site gets my 100% vote today! The Pensive Princess would definitely be happy with this treasure given.